Women in Cinema – Priya Seth, Cinematographer

As part of WCC’s drive to showcase works by contemporary film practitioners who are women, every week we hope to bring you a special talent.

The Indian Women Cinematographers’ Collective is a forum by and for craftswomen/ technicians of the film industry, based in India. During the lockdown period, IWCC has most proactive in conducting a wonderful series of conversations with accomplished film practitioners in Indian and international film industries. We are proud to share some of their Tech Talks with you.

This week through the Tech Talk, we meet – PRIYA SETH, the talented Cinematographer who is well known for her work in Indian feature films (Airlift, Chef & Baarah Aana), commercials, underwater filming and photography. Seth had assisted on the cinematography units of Deepa Mehta and Jane Campion before independently shooting features herself. Neha Parti Matiyani (who is a Cinematographer working in feature films, commercials and web-series herself) interacts with Seth about her work and choices. 

Duration 1 hr 11 mins 32 sec

Find out more about Priya Seth’s work on www.priyaseth.com

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