Late Smt. C.R. Anandavally, the dubbing artiste, was renowned for her prowess in voice work and the portrayals that many characters received through her contribution in cinema. Her recent demise brought forth many memories of her work to public discussion. Starting in 1974, so many notable female characters of Malayalam films from 80s and 90s have had her voice. A browse through her incredible body of work from till 2012, shows how significant her innings have been, often providing voices for multiple characters in the same films.  She has been awarded Kerala State awards and other awards too and continued to work in television as well.

In addition to such wonderful talent, it is important to remember that she was also a strong voice that insisted on dubbing artists receiving due credit for their work and contribution to cinema. It has to be noted that many performances she gave her voice to won far more accolades at State & National levels. Her contribution is integral to those memorable characters and yet often she had to point out that these went unrecognised at those forums. Who can forget the whispered “Sorry” from Geetha in the climax of Panchagni? Or Madhavi’s emotional prayer at the end of Akaashadoothu?

But  rather than just do her work and remain in the wings, she took the onus to firmly represent the interest of dubbing artists in the film industry and due to her efforts the unseen voices were recognized and acclaimed. This aspect of her individuality deserves to be celebrated as it is a rare commitment and has inspired many to ask and get what is due to them in this industry.

WCC salutes her grit and spirit for such advocacy, that brought positive change and elevated her co-workers and the respect they get in the industry. #Respect

In this video interview she elucidates clearly her struggles and her thoughts about championing change for dubbing artistes.

Source Courtesy: Asianet News

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